High stress days

9 Feb

Today is Wednesday. It’s also the middle of a really busy week. Having high stress days back to back to back just seems to take so much more energy to deal with than it should. Why is it that having a high stress day makes your body tired as well as your brain? I can understand having a tired body after a day of strenuous work. I can understand having a tired brain after a thinking day like a test at school. But stress just seems to make everything tired and it all hurts too. I just want to crawl between the sheets and be done with this day. But I still have about an hour or so to go. And I’m afraid that as soon as I AM ready to go to bed, my mind will decide it has some more stuff IT wants to do and I won’t get to sleep soon. I’m already looking forward to this weekend.

  • I’m grateful to have made all my scheduled appointments today. I’m grateful to Papa Murphy for making dinner easy. I’m grateful I had an umbrella today.

Night all. LOVES


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