I’m tired!

3 Feb

After days of being awake, I’m finally tired. I’ve actually had a really difficult time staying awake today. It’s kind of a mixed bag though. I’m excited to be tired, but I really want to stay awake until my normal bedtime so I can stay on my regular routine.

One of the toughest things about not sleeping that’s still true today is not being able to stay focused. I’ve been having so many “squirrel” moments. A squirrel moment for those of you who don’t know is when your mind abruptly changes topics. Mine are usually in the middle of a sentence or thought. It really makes conversation difficult. Makes writing almost impossible. So because I’m so scattered today, this is really short.

  • I’m grateful to see my therapist today. I’m going back on Tuesday. I’m really grateful I’m tired. I hope I sleep well tonight. I’m grateful the child has gone to his father’s for the 3 day weekend(no school tomorrow).

Night all. LOVES


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