2 Feb

My youngest son had a basketball game tonight. He plays on a coed unified team made up of special needs students and mainstream students from his school. He did amazing and the whole team was great. They list with a score was 29-28. Even though they didn’t win, they all had fun. And 28 points is more than they scored all season last year.

I think it is so cool that Special Olympics and the public schools in the area are able to put the league together. It helps the students build social skills and to be team players. This is the second year that our school has been involved in the league and I’ve seen all the players bloom. Even the mainstream players are learning important skills.

The only downside of the whole experience are the away games. Tonight we had to go to Forest Grove, which is an hour away. And it was a late game. Most of the games take place between 4-6 pm. But tonight didn’t START until 7:30! So we got home at 10 pm. 1 1/2 hours after our normal bedtime. So here it is, 10:40 pm and we’re just now calming down enough to go to sleep. I hope we get up on time in the morning. We shall see. I’m heading to bed now myself. Hopefully I’ll be asleep soon.

  • Today I’m grateful to watch my youngest son enjoy athletics. He usually doesn’t. I’m grateful to have all but 1 of my kids at the game to support their brother. The 1 that missed has a pass. He’s working tonight. I’m grateful everyone is home safely in their beds. Except the one working.

Night all. LOVES


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