1 Feb

Tonight’s blog is difficult to write because I’m running on some serious lack of sleep. I haven’t slept since Sunday night. The noises in my head have been really active and it’s hard to sleep in so much noise. They just don’t want to shut up for a while. I lay in bed with my eyes closed but no sleep is forthcoming.

I don’t know why they’re being so active. It’s been awhile. At first I was able to ignore it. Then I would just go until I just passed out. Well now even that’s not working. I’m so tired but I can’t get my mind to shut off long enough to fall asleep. I’m hoping I fall asleep soon though. I have an appointment at the Dr’s on Thursday and I’m going to talk to her then.

  • I’m grateful to finally be getting tired enough to fall asleep in spite of the noise in my head. I’m grateful that the weather report is calling for more snow. I could use some hibernating time in my cave. I’m grateful that I’m still clean and sober because this feeling plus being high would so definitely suck big time.

Night all. LOVES


One Response to “Awake”

  1. Mindfump February 1, 2017 at 6:53 am #

    Wish you a good nights sleep!

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