Bright light of day

31 Jan

My last post was really dark and scary. It’s the first time I’ve ever let that part of myself out in the open. Here’s the thing. Nobody hates me now. I don’t even think more than a few even paid attention.

But I feel much better now that some of that junk is out of my head. I actually got some sleep yesterday. Some dreamless, restful sleep. And when the dreams came back, because they always come back, they weren’t as powerful as before. Letting those feelings out get them to heal faster instead if staying inside to fester.

My grandmother once told me that hanging your clothes outside was the best thing ever because the sunshine bleached the clothes and killed the germs. She said the bright light of day is the best healing energy there is. She’s right. Nothing that is dark, evil or scary can survive being in the sunshine and light. I just need to get more sunshine inside.

  • Today, I’m grateful for a beautiful bright day. I’m grateful for some restful sleep. I’m grateful I made it through the night.

Night all. LOVES


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