26 Jan

I’ve been sick, tired or just blah for almost a month. Just can’t seem to get out of this hole I’m in. I know it takes time to heal, but why can’t time move faster when I want it to? But on the other hand, there are lots of times that I just want to stop time from passing.

Is it just a human trait to want to control time? You never see animals upset that time isn’t moving at the speed they want. Do they even care about time passing? If they’re tired, they take a nap. If they are hungry, they will find a nice yummy snack. Even when they have a disagreement with another animal, they fight it out and the winner moves on. Sometimes, even the loser gets to move on.

I was talking to one of my kids today about the game, Cat’s Cradle. I told him it was basically a time waster because you just keep making the same designs over and over. So does that mean that it’s a waste of time to just BE for a moment or two?

Then of course, there are those who just let time pass them by. Are they really worse off because they aren’t doing what society thinks they should be doing? I have been watching a lady on YouTube who quit her job and decided to live in a 20 year old RV and just go spend her time in nature doing what she wants when she wants. She’s figured out how to make a living doing it so she’s not on government assistance. So is she using her time wisely? And what about those that wish they had the time to do that.

Should I be better at time management? And who gets to decide whether my management of time is the correct time? Because obviously, this blog is about time and where I fit in the space-time continuum. Should I find out if H. G. Wells actually made The Time Machine and try to do time over? Or should I just decide its time to do something else? Or nothing else? Maybe try to keep time in a bottle? I guess I can come back to this thought time and time again. So until next time. Time out.

  • I’m grateful today my child came to help untrash his brother’s room. It’s not perfect, but it’s getting there. Just give me time. Today I’m grateful there’s still time to get my house done before the inspection. I’m grateful I’m almost out of time for today. My brain is tired and needs a nap. Anybody got a rock I can borrow so I can rock myself to sleep?

Night all. LOVES


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