24 Jan

Yesterday I wrote about having faith. And believing in something greater than myself. Today I know that prayers can be answered. As soon as we had said our morning prayers, I received a text message from someone wanting to know if I still wanted to borrow money for Carson’s field trip today. The person we had asked to borrow from had forgotten yesterday evening and he didn’t remember until this morning. We met at the high school and Carson had a great time learning how to snowboard. Everything just fell into place. I have an amazing Higher Power.

After seeing how things worked this morning, and knowing that I’m doing what I should be doing, I’ve had questions and doubts trying to creep in all day. See, I don’t always agree with the people at my church. Not doctrine stuff, but political and values stuff. I’ve been asking myself if I’m wrong to believe the way I do? Or are they wrong? Should I find a different way and place to worship?  And that self-doubt and second guessing has been so strong today. But, I know that I need to keep taking the next right step to get where I want to go. If you hang on to the iron rod, you can’t wander off the path into the fields of darkness.

I seem to be scattered today and I’m having a difficult time organizing my thoughts. So it’s time to end this today.

  • Today I’m grateful to have a Heavenly Father who loves me and wants the best for me. I’m grateful my son had an awesome time on his field trip and didn’t come home with any broken bones. And I am grateful for having questions because as long as I’m questioning, I’m will to learn.

Night all. LOVES



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