23 Jan

Some times you just need to have faith. Faith is the belief that something will happen. Or that you believe in something that you can’t necessarily see, feel and touch.

My youngest came home from school Friday night and said, “Mom, I need $60 and to be at school by 7am Monday. They rescheduled my field trip.” I don’t have $60 right now. The field trip was supposed to be last week but was taken out by the snowstorm. Because they didn’t have school, I figured they wouldn’t have the field trip so I bought cold medicine and some lemons and ginger. I figured that was better than to save the money for a field trip that probably wouldn’t happen. So now I have this dilemma. I messaged the teacher, but it’s the weekend and she might not be able to do anything.

So I decided to say something at church today. And I said my prayers. I’m calling everyone who might even remotely be able to help. I keep getting this feeling in the pit of my stomach to just act as if. And to have faith.

Faith is one if those abstract things that is difficult to teach to kids. And while you’re teaching them, you also need to be teaching them to do their part. As the saying goes, “Faith without works is dead.” So I’m just going to do my footwork  and to keep believing.

By the way does anyone have a few dollars I can borrow until the first? And does anyone want to help me get a child to school in the morning by 7 am?

  • I’m grateful we had an amazing potluck after church today. We have some awesome cooks in our ward. I’m grateful to not have to cook tonight. No cooking=no dishes. I’m grateful for the opportunity to teach my child about my belief system. And that things will work out.

Night all. LOVES


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