22 Jan

It’s been a quiet day today. Not much going on. It’s a normal Oregon winter day. Lots and lots of rain. But it’s not too cold. I actually had the windows open part of the night.

I’ve spent most of my day watching YouTube and playing video games on the phone. Or reading. I started a new book this morning, but it’s not holding my interest like I had hoped. One thing I haven’t done is be on Facebook. I went on first thing this morning to check the world report. There’s lots of protesting, revolts, unrest and unhappiness. I decided I didn’t need that much negativity in my day.

I’m making a conscious effort to be more positive about life and I’m not sure I can if I spend all my time on Facebook. The little bits of positive and good is being far outweighed by the negativity and fighting. I don’t know if I want to stay off Facebook forever or not. I’m not closing my account. I still have family and friends who are important to me that I keep in contact with. That’s one of the reasons I started this blog. So I could still do my gratitude list every day but not spend so much time glued to Facebook.

  • I’m grateful for peace and quiet in my head today. I’m grateful to be able to sit across the room from my favorite 15 year old. I’m grateful to have choices today.

Night all. LOVES


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