20 Jan

I get lots of my stuff shipped to me. I dislike going shopping and it’s so much easier to go online and have my purchases sent to my home. No dealing with people or public transportation or shopping. I am one of those few women that really doesn’t like to shop.

I’m in an interesting position today. I’m waiting for some medical supplies to be delivered. They were shipped in the 13th with 2 day ground. Here it is 7 days later and it still isn’t here. They’re not sure when it WILL be delivered, just that it’s at the local facility to be sorted for delivery. This dilemma is because we have had 2 weeks of seriously crappy weather and today is the inauguration.

I don’t even know if it just this one company or if the delays are across the board. I know the mailman only missed one day. I still received the packages that I ordered from Amazon from a different shipping company. So maybe it is THIS company. I just know I’m seriously low on my supplies and I need to get them. I shouldn’t have to go to a pharmacy and pay for more when my insurance has already paid for them. Can’t really afford it anyway.

I guess it’s just another reason to be annoyed by the day. I’ll live. Just not happily.

  • Today I’m grateful I had a stash of supplies before this shipment was delayed or I would be in much worse shape. I’m grateful to talk to my doctor’s office and they can help me resupply if needed. I’m grateful it’s raining because it matches my mood.

Night all. LOVES



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