Still sick

15 Jan

I almost forgot tonight about the blog. I woke up this morning early because I couldn’t breathe through my nose and I my coughing was too loud to sleep through any more. So I decided I was going to be done with being sick. I went outside to take pictures of frozen bubbles. I got one really amazing one. The fresh air seemed to help because everything cleared up. My nose wasn’t stuffy anymore. I wasn’t coughing. But it did hurt to breathe. I also noticed some footprints in the snow out my back window that looks like someone has been watching through it. So I went back to bed until I woke myself up again. Every time I think I’m getting better, something proves I’m not. So I’m just gonna be miserable a little bit longer. I guess I can’t will myself well. Even though I really want to.

  • I’m grateful to get a really great picture today. I’m grateful that if I roll over my sinuses drain to the other side so I can breathe for a bit. At least until it settles on the bottom again and starts dripping out the other nostril. I’m grateful that whoever was peeking in my back window didn’t come in.

Night all. LOVES


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