Now I’ve got it

12 Jan

This isn’t the first draft of the blog for today. Between me being sick and my device being an idiot(you don’t ever talk to YOUR inanimate objects) and lost it. Maybe that means this version is better. But maybe it means that I’m grumpier and not as conscientious with what I’m saying.

Yeppers, now I’ve got the crud that my lovely children have shared with me. So this is gonna be short and sweet. I want to get it done while I’m semi-coherent enough to write.

I do not like being sick. I’m miserable and I usually get really grumpy. I have a scratchy, sore throat, a developing hacking cough, fever, and aches all over. I see lots of rest and fluids in my future.  But, I’m the mom so I’ll probably need to get up in a while and make some chicken soup for dinner because THAT’S what moms do.

And something else came up today. Since when do you need to call a different number to get THIS number to quit making soliciting phone calls. I don’t understand why I should have to call the legal department so they’ll quit calling me and trying to sell me some piece of junk.

  • I’m grateful that my children are all starting to get better. That means I can get the rest I need. It helps that they range in age from 15(yes, I know he’s sometimes 10) to almost 30(he’s the one who came home to mom when he’s sick). That also means the big can generally supervise the little. I’m grateful that it’s snowed here in Portland Oregon. Because it means the city is mostly shut down until it melts. I’m grateful for clear skies because that means this will melt one day in the nearer future.

Night all. LOVES


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