Chili lasagna

11 Jan

The other day when getting ready for the ice storm, I put a roast in the crock pot. After I made dinner, my wonderful picky child asked for a can of chili because he ‘didn’t like roast’. So I’ve had this roast in my fridge for a few days because I can only eat so much at a time.

Today when planning dinner, I told the youngest(the picky one) to help me figure out dinner and it MUST contain the roast because it needed to be used. We decided to make chili lasagna casserole. And he helped because I’ve found that he’s more willing to eat his own ‘experiments’.

First we put a couple of cans of chili in a pan, added a can of drained corn and a can of drained and rinsed black beans. He stirred that as it started to heat over medium heat. Meanwhile, I took out the roast and cut all the visible fat off(that was his complaint about roast), then cut/shredded it into little pieces, which we added to the pan on the stove. We took a rectangle oven pan, wrapped in foil(ALL my pans need to be wrapped because they are OLD!), sprayed it with pan spray, and put a couple of serving spoons if the chili mixture on the bottom. The we layered flour tortillas, cut in half with the circle to the inside, lots of cheese and more chili. We did that twice and put a final layer of tortillas on the top. Sprinkled it with cheese and baked it at 350 F, for 30 minutes. He had carrots and ranch and I had Normandy mixed veggies with dinner.

HE ATE IT! We both decided that next time, we would either crisp up the tortillas or use corn chips instead. The inside was kind of soggy.

Finding foods that he will eat has been a challenge since he started in solid foods. He has a lot of texture issues. Too soggy, to spicy, too tomatoey, and many others. But now that he’s old enough to understand kitchen safety and helps in the kitchen, he’s getting easier to cook for.

  • Today I’m grateful for his willingness to help solve a problem and not cause another one. I’m grateful to be able to research ways to problem solve issues with my child. I’m grateful to  have the roast gone. I was getting tired of it.

Night all. LOVES


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