At the water cooler

10 Jan

Have you ever started to write or say something and it just sounds like so much whining, you just shut up and change the subject? Having one of those days. I feel like yuck. Not quite death yet, and definitely not the upswing from death, death warmed over. But I’m not feeling peachy either. I’ve had another headache today and now my back hurts. The way my head feels, I think it’s sinuses. And the wintery weather. See, I’m whining again. New subject.

Who hasn’t heard about Meryl Streep’s acceptance speech from last night? What she said was amazing. When she talked about bullying and making fun of someone else by someone who has power is implying that the bullying is okay is right on the button. More than once, I’ve seen someone with power and privilege either say or do something and get away with it because there was nobody to stand up to them. Or if the person with power and privilege turns a blind eye to someone belittling and bullying someone else, it’s also a tacit acknowledgement that it’s okay. That’s why I feel that if you see someone being evil to someone else, you need to have the courage to stand up and say something. Even if it’s just, “I see you and what you did.”

  • Today, I’m grateful for Aleve. And I hope it works soon. I’m grateful that there are people who stand up when they see a wrong and bring it out into the open. I’m grateful all the ice has melted and we might have a day before it comes back. Maybe my joints will relax a bit.

Night all. LOVES



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