Survival preparedness

7 Jan

We’re having another winter storm here in Portland Oregon this weekend. This is the 3rd or 4th major storm since last month. October and November were really wet and nasty too. This is the worst winter season in quite a few years. And I’m so not really ready.

I’ve been working on my survival /disaster stash for months. I have lots of water. Every time I empty a milk jug, I clean it out really well and fill it fun of water. Then I stash it under my metal table so nothing should fall on it. I have some freeze-dried meals. I have my cupboards and fridge full today because I went shopping yesterday. But it’s difficult to get a stockpile when you’re eating your food storage every month. I have a can opener but I need to work on a cooking method.

I have a windup flashlight and a NOAA emergency radio. It’s windup, solar, and battery powered. It will also charge a USB device. I have lots of blankets and quilts. But I don’t have an emergency heater if the power goes out. I do have those popper heatpacks that we can use.

I’m hoping the power doesn’t go out because my apartment is all electric. Even though it’s gas heat, if the electric is off,  the blower won’t work. I’ve put sheets up over the doors. And I put an extra plastic over the A/C window with quilt batting between the plastic sheeting. Next month, I’m taking my extra money and buying some Terra Costa planter pots, bricks and candles. I watched a video about how to turn it into a heater.

But I’ve done the best I could for this storm. Dinner is in a crock pot and  I’ve said my prayers. The rest is up to Heavenly Father.

  • Today I’m grateful to my ancestors for their ingenuity and passing it on to me. I’m grateful that I’m preparing as best as I can. I’m grateful that I have faith that it will work out and hope that I will know what to do.

Night all. LOVES


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