New year, new rules

4 Jan

One if the greatest and most challenging parts of having children is the parenting skills you learn. Every one says they should read a book or make you take a class before becoming a parent. But I’ve learned that there is no one size fits all rules to go by. Every child is different.

My eldest never liked to get his hands dirty. REALLY! He almost failed kindergarten because he refused to finger paint. We got him popsicle sticks.

My middle child NEVER quit moving. EVER! He even liked to move in his sleep. We always put him in the bottom bunk so he wouldn’t have so far to fall if he rolled off the bed.

My youngest has Fetal Alcohol Syndrome. He has quite a few challenges that I get to enjoy as his parent. He is very literal and specific about everything. I’ve learned to be very direct when I need him to do something. I also give him lots of cues that things are going to be changing. Doesn’t do transitions well.

Because of all my kids, I’ve learned that bribes work. I don’t care if you call them incentives or rewards, it’s still a bribe. I’ve also learned that sometimes when things are going kablooey, just remember to stop and breathe.

I’ve also learned to use natural breaks in routine for changes in behavior. I want my child to do more chores around the house. I told him it’s a new year, so we have new rules. He bought it. Now I get to work on starting a new project in teenager management. Adding chores is first.

  • I’m grateful my middle child took me to get my prescription today. I’ve been out since Saturday, but everything was closed because of the holiday. I’m grateful my youngest did his new chore today with only one reminder and no argument! I’m grateful to still be able to be there when my children need me. It’s one of the joys of sobriety.

Night all. LOVES


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