A New Year

2 Jan

Every one talks about New Year resolutions and whether or not you set them. Whether or not you follow through with them and how you feel when you do or don’t.

Today is January 1st. A new year ahead to make plans for and decide whether you are doing goals and resolutions. It’s also a Sunday. One of my goals last year is to work towards getting my temple recommend. I want to be able to go to the LDS temple. A recommend is like the ticket to get you into the door of a really special ride. Anyone can go to the temple and be on the grounds and go into the visitor center, but you need a ticket to get inside the big doors.

The first goal was to pay my tithing faithfully every month. The second goal was to go to church every week. I also made a goal to live the Word of Wisdom, which is the usually referred to as the ‘don’t drink coffee’ rule. I made a commitment with my Bishop to follow these steps and we’ll check in periodically throughout the year and see how it’s going and if he had more suggestions for me to follow.

We checked in today and he said he’s going to go through some stuff and look at a few others that are on the same journey to see where they are so he can schedule a class. Why yes, there IS a class for everything you need to learn. He doesn’t really want to have a class for just one if there are others who are close needing it too.

All this rambling on is about saying that I’m getting closer to my goal. He wants to set a date! I’m really excited!

I’m looking forward to this next year. There are many changes coming and I’m doing my best to be prepared physically, mentally and spiritually for what needs to be done.

  • I’m grateful I decided to answer the phone this morning to get a ride to church because I didn’t call yesterday. I’m grateful I didn’t follow through on my thoughts to roll over and go back to sleep. I’m grateful to keep moving forward with my goals. Even a sideways step can be an improvement if it’s not a full retreat.

Night all. LOVES


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