Delivery doesn’t do here

31 Dec

I have figured something out today about my neighborhood. Most people think it’s a dangerous place. I’ve been told many times, “My friend says I shouldn’t be there. Especially after dark!”

I haven’t been really afraid to be here very often. Yes, it was after dark. And yes, I was alone. But it’s not because of the neighborhood, it’s because I don’t see well in the dark. AND I’m afraid of the dark. I need at least a little bit of light.

I noticed it today because I’m not feeling well. I’m having a migraine headache day and I wanted to order food delivery that isn’t pizza. NOBODY will deliver to this neighborhood unless I feel like ransoming my child. Or a minimum order of $50! It’s about the same.

I wasn’t in the mood for pizza. And the last time I ordered Pizza Hut, it took them almost 6 hours to get here. With COLD pizza!

Why is it that a neighborhood within  5 miles of the city core can’t get inexpensive quality food delivery? I shouldn’t have to make a $50 minimum order and pay at least a $10 delivery charge + a tip.

  • I’m grateful one of my kids came to take care of me. I’m grateful to try pho tonight. It’s really good and I ate too much. I’m grateful the ibuprofen is starting to kick in. I finally had to do the alternating with Tylenol every 2 hours thing.

Night all. LOVES


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