Rambling thoughts

27 Dec

I’m feeling scattered today and having a hard time thinking about what to write. So you just get my rambling thoughts today.

I received my gas bill the other day. I’ve used 3 times as much gas this December than I did last December. I also used more gas for November and October. I don’t remember what the weatherdude forecast for the winter, but it’s starting out really wet and cold.

We’ve has the wettest October and November in recent history. We have had snowing twice this month and they’re talking about some more this coming week.

I don’t set my thermostat above 68℉ just because it’s recommended, but because I’m cheap. We have sweaters, blankets, sweats and socks. We can put more clothes on. But the heat has been on earlier this year than last year and it runs more often.

I’m hoping it’s running more because it’s actually colder and not because I left my A/C unit in the window this year. I covered it with plastic and put a wool blanket up over it. It doesn’t seem to be leaking cold in but I CAN hear it breathing. Maybe that’s because it’s really quiet here today. Except for the dog next door. I can hear him too.

It doesn’t really matter why the bill is higher, I still get to pay it. And hope the bank figures out my missing money issues quickly! It would be really nice to get that back.

  • Today I’m grateful for new socks for Christmas to keep my feet warm. I’m grateful for sweats and blankets to keep the rest of me warm. I’m grateful it’s almost the first and I can buy the neighbor’s dog some treats. Maybe he’ll be happier and quieter.

Night all.LOVES



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