What you asked for

26 Dec

I was looking forward to today. All my children were heading off to their other families and I was getting the house to myself. I could eat what I wanted when I wanted and do what I wanted when I wanted. Which is exactly what I got.

So why am I so unhappy right now? I think it’s because no matter how much our children annoy us, we miss them when they aren’t here.

I called my dad today to tell him Merry Christmas and thought about my children calling me. One called me this morning. But just because he couldn’t reach the other to get something out of his car that he forgot. One called to wake me up this morning at barely daylight just so he could tell me Merry Christmas first. The other texted me that he would give the youngest one the forgotten item later. So I did hear from my children today but it wasn’t the same.

I wonder if MY parents feel like I am feeling while waiting for my sisters and I to call them? I hope I call them often enough that they don’t feel forgotten.

So I DID get what I wanted for Christmas this year, but I’ve realized it isn’t what I had hoped it would be. I’m going to go find a snack and read a book.

  • Today I’m grateful for the birth of Jesus Christ and his sacrifice for me. I’m grateful to get to church this morning. I’m grateful I really like eating cereal. It makes a wonderful snack.

Night all. LOVES


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