Christmas aftermath

25 Dec

All the stress and chaos leading up to Christmas has only one conclusion in my children’s opinions. Presents! And it’s over in about 10 minutes if you have a normal kid, 20 if you have more than one.

We opened our presents early because we have family going every which way. The joys of single parenting and grown children. It took 20 minutes for 6 kids to open their presents one evening and be ready to play video games. And to try to put babies down for naps(didn’t work). It took my youngest and I about 10 minutes on the next evening to decimate his pile and part of mine because I was going to slow!

Then a few hours to try on clothes, then play with the toys. Then get angry and throw a building toy across the room because he was frustrated with it. It’s still in a big box in the corner. And I’ve already heard the “What I want from Santa next year” statement, and the “Is THAT all?” question.

I don’t know about anyone else but having a dirty kitchen from a holiday dinner, various toy parts and pieces everywhere, and all the children headed off to their other family’s homes while leaving me to clean up alone is just what I wanted for Christmas! After I told my children that what I wanted for MY present is a nap and to wake up to a clean house and all the new stuff put away. Why, yes, I did get that dumbfounded look.

But even with all the negative stuff that comes to mind, I’m so very grateful for it all. There are those who are alone, living outside, eating from dumpsters, and just having a really bad day. I’m sending my thoughts and prayers to those people.

  • I’m grateful that my children are off to their other families. I get an uninterrupted nap. I’m grateful for the stuff everywhere because I have an everywhere to put it and it gives me something to do this week while I’m home alone and not having an uninterrupted nap. I’m grateful for a week alone because I know that my children are safe and warm with people who love and care for them at least as much as I do. And I get an uninterrupted nap.

Night all. LOVES


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