Santa’s elves

24 Dec

I believe in Santa and his elves. There was only one time that my beliefs wavered. I was about 10 and I found my parent’s stash in the back of the closet. And I peeked. That was the worst Christmas I ever had. There was no excitement or wonder. No surprises because I knew what was in each of those packages. Even the ones that said they were from Santa in my mother’s beautiful penmanship. It was terrible. There was no snow in SE Idaho that year either.

I have had some really awesome Christmases and some that I just didn’t want to be there, but my belief in Santa has stood the test of time.

There was the one year that my ex husband and I had spent EVERY penny to get into our own house. Yes, we did pay some in change! We had told our boys that Santa had given mommy and daddy money to get into our house and off the relative’s floor and there wouldn’t be any presents under the tree. Or even a tree, for that matter. Late on the evening of the 24th, there came a knock at the door. The boys rushed to the door and when they opened it, presents in bags and boxes fell into the room. And sprinting away and jumping into the back seat of a blue Ford Taurus was a guy in a red suit. Mrs. Claus, in a red scarf, was driving. See in Oregon, we don’t always get snow so Santa uses a Ford. Even all these years later, my boys still say Santa drives a blue Ford Taurus in Oregon.

There was the year that some boxes showed up on our porch in the middle of the night that we still don’t know how they got there. We never heard a vehicle! When Jeff Foxworthy talks about living at the end of the paved road, he was talking about us. Sorta! We lived at the paved road, turn left and follow a mile long driveway. There is NO feasible way to get to our house without us knowing.

Even that one terrible Christmas 25 years ago, Santa showed up. He left clothes for her to be buried in and we never had to pay for any part of the funeral. It was just covered. And my 4 year old son had every toy he had put on Santa’s list was under the tree.

How can you not believe in Santa when you see the look on a skeptical 15 year old teenager’s face when he comes downstairs and you tell him Santa came while he was sleeping and there is a pile of gifts under the tree? His elves even delivered on the day I said the presents would be delivered because he’s going to dad’s for Christmas and we’re doing Christmas early this year!

  • Today I’m so grateful to Santa’s and his elves for giving me another chance to see that excitement and wonder and anticipation of seeing what’s under the tree. I’m grateful that Santa even has things under the tree for me! I’m grateful to not be using and to be where I am instead of where I could be.

Night all. LOVES


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