23 Dec

I can admit that I’m not the world’s best housekeeper. I never have been. I always had better things to do like reading, watching tv, reading, playing, reading, anything besides cleaning house, reading and yeah, more reading. I really like to read. A lot! I want to be buried with a book. But THAT is a post for a different day.

The one chore I dislike most is dishes. I would happily live forever with paper plates and plastic forks, spoons and knives if I could afford it. But if I could afford it, I could probably afford to hire somebody to do the dishes.

It’s not necessarily the actual washing of the dishes I dislike, although that IS part of it, it’s where dishes are done. In my house, you get to face the wall. With everyone behind you, waiting to sneak up and scare you. Or looking at your butt. You pick which is worse. I think they’re the same.

The worst part is that the sink and counters are short! I am 6 feet tall so when I do dishes, I’m kind of slouching while I’m washing dishes and after about 15-20 minutes, my back is killing me. So I’ll go sit on the couch and rest for a few. And pick up a book and, well you can guess where THAT gets me.

When my parents built their house when I was little, my mom made the builders put the counters at 48 inches from the floor. I guess it caused all sorts of problems because most counters and cabinetry are built at 36 inches. I never appreciated those counters until I didn’t have them any more. One of these days, I WILL have 48 inch counters! Or some cute guy to wash the dishes for me. Then I can watch HIS butt!

  • Today I’m grateful to have most of my dishes done. I’m grateful to remember to NOT finish that next chapter before doing that next sink full of dishes. I’m grateful my house smells like chicken noodle soup. Yes, cooking is the reason I did the dishes!

Night all. LOVES


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