18 Dec

Have you ever done something and later said, “Maybe, I shouldn’t have done that!” We as humans seem to do it LOTS.

When you’re a child and learning the world around you, how do you learn that fire burns, snow and ice freezes, ovens are hot, doing a somersault down the stairs(yes, I DID have a child do that!) are bad for you and shouldn’t be done again. Experience. You do something and you don’t like the results, you’re more likely to not do it again. Although there are those few…you know the ones.

Animals, including humans can be taught with a reward system. Get good results and we’ll do it again. Get bad results and probably won’t.

And then there are those ones, that keep doing something the same way and expecting different results. Or it might work this time. Or I just need more practice/patience. I feel I fit in this group.

I keep doing the same type of things and expecting to get a different result. Like my stubbornness and the sidewalks yesterday. It WAS nice to walk(should say hobbled) to my mailbox today without falling. I have a sense of accomplishment. But I also can’t move very fast. Everything hurts.

So, my question is- was it a mistake to do the sidewalks yesterday? It looks better and feels safer. But I probably should have stopped sooner. I didn’t NEED to do so much. Have I learned my lesson? To be honest, probably not. I’ll see something else that I could do when I was under 30 and think I can still do it now that I’m 50. But, I’m pretty sure it will be a while. At least until I can get up and down the stairs without sniveling.

  • Today I’m grateful for Tylenol, Ibuprofen, and Aleve for playing an active roll at some time or another in the game of choices everywhere. I’m grateful that my sidewalks look pretty good even though I’m hurting too much to use them. I’m grateful that it doesn’t snow in Portland every day because the sidewalks would never be clear until spring thaw!

Night all. LOVES



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