16 Dec

We are always told to not look at our neighbors and covet what they have, but I think we should look to see what our neighbors have occasionally. And while you are looking, take notice of what they have and compare it to what you have. No, not that way. But notice what you have that they don’t. Do you have anything that they might be needing right now? I know that here in Portland this evening there are lots of people who could use a snow shovel. Or some milk and eggs. What about that guy over there who’s lights are always off. Are they off because he doesn’t have electricity or light bulbs? Or is he in the hospital and not at home? Or any number of things.

One of the things I liked growing up was the neighbors. Unless they were telling my mom that they had seen me doing something I wasn’t supposed to. But thinking about it now as a parent, oh yeah, tell me what my kids are doing. Do you even know your neighbor’s kids? Do you know the neighbors? 

I am in no way saying I’m a saint or I’m better than anyone else. My neighbor has been in the hospital for days and I had no clue. Another neighbor is several months pregnant and fell down her front porch in the snow and I didn’t go help. I’ve ignored my neighbors to the extent that a few have gone back to using and I didn’t care so long as they didn’t bug me with it.

It’s sad really. All the chaos yesterday with the weather and most everyone was worried about was how do I get home? Maybe we should have been more worried about how did the neighbors get home.

I am going to work on being a better neighbor. At least work on finding out all their names and their kid’s names. That’s a good place to start.

  • Today I’m grateful to know I’m not alone in this world. I have neighbors. I’m grateful that I have another opportunity tomorrow to be that neighbor that others need. I’m grateful that I remembered the times I needed a neighbor and there was someone there.

Night all. LOVES



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