Snow in Portland Oregon

15 Dec

For a kid that grew up in Idaho and the snow days from school were few and far between. A couple of inches of snow was just another winter day.

Not so in Portland Oregon! A few flurries cause havoc and more than a few inches causes pandemonium!

One of the things that helps feed the panic is the infrequent times or the amounts of snow and  that people just don’t know how to act and especially how to drive in winter conditions.

The sad thing is the weatherman that I always listen to, almost nailed it with the forecast! The only thing that was off was the amount that fell and how far north the storm was going to be. AND NOBODY LISTENED! Especially not those that should have been paying attention, like city managers and school officials.

My 15-year-old son walked in the door from school at 6:30! He was on a school bus for 2 1/2 hours after the bus was an hour late getting to the school. As I write this, there are many students STILL either on buses, or worse yet, still at school.

I realize that there is a fine line between overacting and being unprepared, but I feel some of this could have been better handled.

I also need to admit that even I had a moment of panic. I called my dad in Idaho to ask how to put chains on a car. His first question was front wheel drive or rear wheel drive? Second question was how much snow? When I told him it was front wheel drive and a few inches, he laughed at me and told me to just suck it up. It’s not that bad. And then he told me how to put the chains on. That phone call reminded me of my experiences with snow and how to not panic during an emergency.

  • Today, I’m grateful that all my children are safe in their homes now and watching TV. I’m grateful that I come from strong, intelligent, Pioneer stock and I can always handle an emergency. I’m grateful that my dad is still there to call and he makes it better. Even so many miles away from me. Be safe all.

Night all. LOVES


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