Snow! Part 2, 3, ???

10 Dec

I can’t decide which is worse. Getting old or stubbornness? They both are difficult to work with.

I decided today that I was tired of not being able to walk out my door without fear of falling because of snow and ice. And the sun is shining! It’s a beautiful day! Any of you who know me, how often do I willingly go outside just because?

I know my housing property management company is supposed to take care of stuff like sidewalks, lawns, driveway, and other assorted building stuff. But it wasn’t getting done when I wanted it done! So I decided I would do it myself.

I only intended to do my porch so I didn’t fall on my bottom when I checked the mail. Did you know you can’t sweep ice off of cement? So I brought my hammer out to first break up the ice. Broom still wasn’t cutting it. So I called someone from church and asked if I could borrow a shovel. Of course, he said.

I got dressed and when he brought it over, I put my jacket on and went out to work. I BROKE THE SHOVEL ON THE TOP STEP! The ice was too thick. So out comes the hammer again. And I went in and got the Morton girl to help.

I would pound on the ice until chunks were everywhere and then I would take the handlers shovel and scrape it off the sidewalks.

I am woman! Hear me roar! I did 4 feet and had to stop. Did another few feet and had to stop. This is getting ridicules. I am NOT too old to shovel a couple of inches of snow! I’m from Idaho! I just told someone the other day to let their inner Idaho farmboy out and handle it. Well, I guess my inner farmgirl is really overweight and tired.

After going in and resting for an hour, I decided to attack it again. I can get a little more done while waiting for my kid to come take me to the store for a new shovel.

This time in was only a couple of minutes and I couldn’t breathe! I’m stopping every few steps to lean on the railing. And I’m really huffing and puffing!

Here’s a picture. There’s a fat, old woman bent over double(seen THOSE garden signs?) beating the sidewalks with a hammer, hobbling a few feet and doing it again. Then going back, picking up a broken snow shovel and pushing the snow off the sidewalk. STILL BENT OVER! I’m laughing as I’m writing it because I know it would be like going to Wal-Mart on the first day of the month.

After about 10-1,000,000 feet, give or take, I stubble to the door, walk in and collapse on the couch. My son finds me my inhaler, I kick my shoes off and drop my jacket where it lies.

I’m now sitting here on the couch contemplating sleeping where I am because I’m so sore I can’t move!

So you decide. Stubbornness or too old? Or a depressing combination of the two.

  • Today I’m grateful to get to my mailbox without falling down. I’m grateful I was able to get up and fix dinner without crying. And I’m grateful to have a bag so I only have to make ONE trip up the stairs to bed(gotta go upstairs. The bathroom is up there and I have to pee!)

Night all. LOVES


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