Part of a village

10 Dec

In February of 2009, my youngest son was placed in foster care because I was making bad choices with my life. I was using meth again. It’s not something I’m proud of but it is part of my story.

The first home he was placed in wasn’t a very nice place. The woman had him almost 6 months and STILL DIDN’T KNOW HIS NAME! He lets memories out to me occasionally, but mostly he says it wasn’t a good place and doesn’t want to talk about it. One day she brought him to the office for a visit and when she dropped him off, she said don’t bring him back because he was too much work.

I KNOW my child can be difficult. He has a list of diagnoses as long as my arm. Added to the mix is the fact that he is not with his parents and with someone he doesn’t know and isn’t really very nice to him. I would probably be a brat too.

But her bad decision became the best thing that ever happened to us. He was placed with his Sissy. He calls her that because he says she isn’t old enough to be a mom yet. Sissy is amazing! She is loving, helpful, encouraging and caring. She only wants what’s best for him no matter what that may be. SHE’S the one who pushed for him to be tested. She also encouraged the state to let me be a part of his care. I was able to meet them at all of his doctor appointments, his OT, PT, counseling. It was her idea for me to be her after school care provider while she worked. She went above and beyond what she was required to do.

She was also willing to continue to be a part of his life after he was able to come home. She sees him for birthdays, holidays, special events and most importantly, just because. Every other month or so, Sissy picks him up for dinner and a movie or an overnight stay. If I need her, she will be respite for me. She is still on his list of people to call if there’s trouble at school. We won the foster care lottery with her.

  • I’m so very grateful that Sissy is a part of my village to raise my child. I’m grateful that he is having a sleepover there tonight and a birthday party for Grandma(Sissy’s mom) tomorrow. I’m grateful to that first foster mom for giving us that second chance in the foster care pool. I am forever indebted to her.

Night all. LOVES


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