Customer service, part 2

9 Dec

Last week I blogged about poor customer service. Today I get to talk about great customer service.

As you know, on the first this month, someone decided they needed my paltry sum of $720 for themselves, throwing MY life into a vortex of chaos.

Through the generosity of an agency here in Portland, my rent is paid! I was then able to take what little that wasn’t stolen and pay my phone and internet bills. I still have my gas, electric, Netflix & Hulu(instead of cable) to pay.

The gas and electric company are both working with me to make payments next month. I love calling Northwest Natural and Pacific Power when I have an issue. They have the nicest people working for them. They always make me feel better about not being able to pay them on time.

Today as I was checking my emails, I found out you can call Netflix about your bill. I called expecting to be told I was going to have to restart service with a new account and my past history would be lost. Well because I have consistently paid on time for years, she gave me a week’s grace period to figure out how to pay my bill and turned my service back on. How awesome is that?! Hopefully I’ll have my replacement card by then or I can figure something else out. But we have Netflix during the current winter storm!

This storm has shut down the metro area! We have about 4 inches or so of snow and now there is freezing rain falling on top of it. Add in the wind gusts and it’s a pretty gnarly storm for this neck of the woods. Toppled trees, power outages and accidents everywhere have transpired.

We even had a minor accident here. Carson slipped during a game of snowball tag and slide into the bottom of the slide on the play structure. Nothing broken, but plenty of pain and bruises. He’s gone up to bed with some ibuprofen and some juice and is happily watching Netflix hoping for another snow day tomorrow.

  • Today I’m grateful to have a stash of hats, gloves and scarves in my closet. I was able to give a little boy a pair of gloves with skulls on them. He was stoked. Grateful to venture outside and experience the snow. Now I can say I did and I don’t have to anymore. Grateful to have a safe, warm and dry place to be in out of the storm. Say an extra prayer tonight for all those that don’t.

Night all. LOVES


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