Snow days

8 Dec

All week the weatherdudes have been talking about this major winter storm headed to Portland Oregon tomorrow. It’s supposed to be cold, windy, snowy and freezing rain. Today, they’re saying it might not be as big as they thought and it’s coming in later in the day than they first expected. Later start means less of a storm.

I’m disappointed. Carson and I are both hoping for a snow day. For totally different reasons. He just wants to stay home and watch TV and play video games all day. I don’t want to have to wake up and crawl out of my warm nest of blankets in the morning. And I most definitely do NOT want to go to the bus stop. I’m not liking the cold. I think I’m becoming an Oregonian. Sorta. I still use an umbrella.

I remember as a kid we didn’t get snow days very often. I remember once when we lived out on the farm we didn’t go one day because the bus couldn’t get down the road to our house. My Uncle John came out and plowed the road and fixed that. Darn it anyway! And I remember once when I was in high school and they had started switching to diesel buses and didn’t have fuel line heaters on them yet. That’s when I found out that diesel turns to jello when it gets cold. So that wasn’t really a ‘snow’ day but more of a ‘too cold for fuel’ day. Otherwise we went to school. Every single day.

Now, here in Portland, and inch or two of snow will shut down the city because most people aren’t used to it. We’ll go out in rain all the time. And even most of the time when it’s cold. But throw some white stuff in the mix, we’re done. We’ll come back out tomorrow when it’s gone.

As I’m planning for the worst but expecting a lackluster performance tomorrow, I can’t help thinking back to days gone by. Our grandparents went to school through whatever weather. Through the rain and snow. Uphill. Both ways. Our parents went to school unless they were dying. When did we become such sissy-lalas?

Maybe they went to school all the time because they didn’t stress about the bad things. They just dealt with them. Like today. 75 years ago our grandparents lives were thrown into a blender and they either dealt with stuff and survived or they didn’t. I really wish now that I had listened to her stories more then. I’m going to be thinking about that a lot as I’m lying here in my bed praying for snow.

  • Today I’m grateful to see my eldest and his girlfriend for a bit today. I’m grateful I can prepare and be ready for a catastrophe even when it’s not really. I’m grateful that today I can see my shortcomings and decide which to change and which to accept.

Night all. LOVES


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