Sometimes the answer is no

7 Dec

Today, I was reminded of a conversation I had with my youngest last year. We were talking about Heavenly Father answering our prayers. He wanted to know why his prayers weren’t answered. Digging deeper into the subject, I found out that he wanted to be the next Doctor Doolittle and be able to understand and talk to animals.

I feel it’s no coincidence that in church that morning, the lesson was about why it seemed our prayers were unanswered because the thing we prayed about didn’t happen. Or we don’t get that earth shattering answer that others have gotten. The thing I learned that day has stayed with me. Especially after the bedtime chat with my son. Just because we don’t hear and see multitudes of angels or other holy personages, or that thing we’ve been praying for never comes to pass, doesn’t mean that our prayers were not heard. Sometimes the answer to our prayers is no. Just like we as parents tell our children no because we know that getting something or going somewhere isn’t in their best interests, sometimes our Heavenly Father tells us no. He knows that even though we really want something, someone, or somewhere, it wouldn’t be good for us to have it. So you must be willing to accept the no.

Other times, if you’re not paying attention, you don’t receive the answer. It’s like one of my favorite lines in a movie, “They’re running so fast overhead, they could run over my daughter’s boombox and not hear it because I don’t think they’re really listening.” If you aren’t listening, you might miss that still, small voice that tells you what you need to know. So stop and listen often.

In my life, there have been plenty of times I have been told no and did it anyway. It very seldom ended well. There have been other times that it didn’t matter what the answer was, I wasn’t listening anyway and that didn’t end well either.

It’s not always easy to wait patiently for an answer and then be told no. Just like it’s not easy to stop and listen for that quiet voice to tell you yes. But I promise that it is worth it. Because through much trial and error, I have learned that it is. But I’m not perfect yet. And it does get easier with practice.

  • Today I’m grateful to try to listen for that still, small voice. And that I’m getting better at being quiet long enough to hear it. I’m grateful to have learned to be MOSTLY okay with a NO answer because I know there is probably a better yes along the way if I’m patient. I’m grateful to know that if I mess up and don’t listen and do it anyway, I have the opportunity to try again tomorrow.

Night all. LOVES


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