It’s NOT aluminum

6 Dec

I got a Christmas tree today. It came in a nice blue Rubbermaid tub. Yes, I have a fake tree. After much soul-searching and thought, I feel it is a better fit for me and my family.

A real tree smells amazing! But it sheds needles that get everywhere and into everything! And I’m vacuuming them up until Easter. It’s becoming so hard for me to manhandle a tree by myself to put it up and take down so I am at the whims and availability of my grown children to come and help me. And a real tree just dies in the end.

A fake tree is always green. Doesn’t shed needles. Can be put up and taken down by myself and when I want. It’s reusable and the tub fits in the bottom of my closet.

  • Today I’m grateful for the gifts from others. I’m grateful for a ride to the store and wonderful dinner companions. I’m grateful I’m one of THOSE grandmothers who sneak a chocolate chip cookie to Thing 1 before dinner! It was HUGE too!

Night all. LOVES


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