Learning to receive

5 Dec

This morning at church we talked about how sometimes we are given adversity to help us learn something. I’ve had lots of adversity lately. I must have something I need to work on.

I’ve been praying and pondering about it most of the weekend and especially today. I read the Just For Today daily meditation from the Narcotics Anonymous program and today’s is about God’s will, not mine. It got me to thinking about what am I NOT letting him do? One of the things that I keep coming back to is letting myself have faith in Him to give me what I need and that it’s okay to ask others for help.

Asking for help has been especially difficult for me since I’ve gotten clean because I was always wanting someone to give me something or do it for me or just take care of me because I wanted to spend all my time getting high. So I have tried really hard to do this responsible adult member of society thing for myself. I’m not where I want to be with that yet, either.

But this past week has taught me that sometimes asking for help isn’t a weakness, it’s a strength. When is the last time you had to ask for help for something? That voice in the back of your head tells you that if you ask for help, you’re not smart enough, strong enough, capable enough. But maybe, asking for help is showing that you ARE strong enough, smart enough, capable enough. It takes strength to humble yourself before others. It takes smarts to know who and what to ask for. And when you ask, you have to be capable to accept what is given.

This holiday season is about giving presents. But for something to be given, it must also be received. I think learning to give is ten times easier than learning to receive. If you’re given a complement, how many of you say, “oh, whatever” or ” just stop” or “you don’t know what you’re talking about”? How many of you can say JUST “thank you”? If you receive a gift, you’re first thought is “I gave to go get you something. And I need to spend more than you did!” 

I guess one of my lessons I get to learn is to say “thank you” AND STOP THERE! Even if the gift is from my Heavenly Father. He is giving me the gift of FAITH that everything will be okay and I need to learn to accept that with no reservations.

  • Today I’m grateful to get to practice faith. I’m grateful for help from others. I’m grateful I get to learn something new.

Night all. LOVES


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