Customer service

3 Dec

One of the first things I learned when working is how to treat others, whether they worked with you, for you, or you worked for them. Great customer service was the epitome to aspire to. You ALWAYS treat others how you want to be treated. When did it become the customer is never right instead of the customer is always right? (unless you’re working at the carnival!)

Tonight I ordered a pizza with my neighbor because I had a coupon for $7 pizzas if you buy 2. They took an hour to deliver the pizzas. Didn’t check the pizzas when they got here (my bad). They gave us the wrong pizzas! When I called to tell them and ask for a replacement, they were so rude! She actually accused me of trying to get extra free pizza! I’m STILL waiting for my replacement pizza! TWO HOURS LATER! They are waiting until the driver who delivered the wrong pizzas in the first place to get a moment and then he’ll bring them. I’m so done with Pizza Hut on MLK and Alberta! I’ve sent an email to corporate but I’m not expecting much. 

I remember when I went out of my way to make sure my customers were very happy with my service. Especially if it was tip based employment. I have dealt with so many customer service representatives in the last few days because of my wonderful life lately. There have been good ones and some not so good ones. But none of them were as bad as this woman.

I am so tired of the whole deal and I’m done. I’m going to pass out on my neighbor’s couch while watching Dory.

  •  Today I’m grateful I remember when people treated others like people and not just a way to make a buck. I’m grateful to my amazing neighbor for letting me chill with her. I’m grateful her and her bunch ordered pizza somewhere else and are letting me share.

Night all. LOVES


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