30 Nov

When is the last time you have gone an entire day without interacting with a computer in some way? I think I was still in high school. After the day I’ve had today, I have decided I want to be a computer in my next life. We all know that computers are going to take over the world. Or least run everything. Oh, wait, they already do!

Today I have been on Facebook, checked my email, read articles, googled stuff, called computers looking for a person, called a person looking for a computer and looked for that sounds that was so satisfying. The handset of a telephone slamming down when you hang up.

I am trying to keep track of my time spent each day on business stuff and personal stuff and have come to the realization that it’s intermingled. How many of you check email or play a game while on hold? Or write a business email while listening to Pandora? Used a GPS while making deliveries? Or any other assorted things throughout the day.

With computers in our daily lives, we are able to get so much stuff done every day. We’ve become a world of multi-taskers. But, what happens when the power goes out? The computers quit working. How many have tried to do cash transactions lately? Most transactions have become plastic. And trying to get someone who can count change back to you without the computers telling them how much is impossible. I’m surprised it doesn’t list which denominations of paper and coinage to hand out.(you need a $10 bill, a $5 bills, 2 quarters, a dime, a nickel,and a penny.) Heaven forbid you ask for extra quarters for the bus!

  • Today I’m grateful I grew up in a time before computers so I can think without relying on one. I’m grateful to be alive to see all the advancements computers have made. And I’m grateful to use computers to make my life interesting. Even when I want to slam the phone down because that computer has crappy customer service.

Night all. LOVES


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