Being like Ellen

29 Nov

Ellen received the President’s Medal of Freedom this month and I feel its very well deserved. And not just because we share a name. She has worked very hard and she is so kind to everyone who meets her. So I’m going to talk about 2 of the things I always think about when Ellen comes to mind.

The first is JUST KEEP SWIMMING. No matter what comes at you in life, just keep moving. It’s like a shark. If a shark quits moving, the water is rushing through his gills. He’s not getting oxygen and he dies. Sharks even move when they’re sleeping. I think I have a couple of relatives related to sharks. No matter how tough my life is. Or what stumbling blocks are thrown in my way, as long as I keep going and don’t give up, eventually I’ll come out the other side. I’ve been through some crazy stuff and I’m still here!

The other thing that I have learned from Ellen is to PAY IT FORWARD. Someone has helped you at least once in your life. If you say nobody has ever helped you, you are lying! Sometimes it’s been when you didn’t know who it was. There has been more than one Christmas that there were things under the tree because of the generosity of others. If you ask my kids, they will tell you that in Oregon, Mrs. Santa drives a blue Ford Taurus as Santa dives in the back seat. They saw it happen.

I’m trying to pay it forward as I can. I’ll give someone sitting on the sidewalk something to eat or a bottle of water. Sometimes, it’s really lean for me too and I’ll just say hi and smile. A few times I’ve paid too much for something on purpose so the person behind me gets a discount. I have never yet let anyone in my home go hungry. Even if I did.

Some times I think about winning the lottery and what I would do with the winnings. Not gonna happen because I don’t really play. And I always come back to what do I really want and what do I really need? It makes my heart hurt as I watch the scenes from stores over the weekend of people scrambling over each other, fighting, kicking, yelling and trashing everything just to get that THING that they probably don’t need anyway.

I challenge you as we come into the month of December and everyone is thinking about “gimme, gimme”, think about what do you really NEED? And what do you really WANT ?

  • Today I’m grateful that all our needs are met. I’m starting to get next month’s billing statements and I can cover them and have a little extra. I’m grateful that Carson and I are feeling better today. Whatever we had this morning has dissipated. I think both of us getting up and taking a shower probably helped. Today I’m grateful to be laying here on the couch as I write this and think about being grateful for everything I have and everyone who touches me in some way. Even those I only know through the media.

Still going to bed early so we don’t have a relapse. Night all. LOVES


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