Roast pork

28 Nov

Carson and I are having an feeling icky day. We’ve both spent most of the day in bed. He’s sneezing and I’m achy and have a stuffy nose.

So I decided to do a recipe today. Take one 2 pound pork shoulder roast out of the freezer the night before because contrary to most days, I actually planned dinner. It usually happens near the end of the month when the cupboards and freezer are mostly bare. In an oven safe pan, put a quartered onion, about 3-4 apples, cut in chunks and a couple of halved oranges with your roast. Tent with aluminum foil. Place in a 350°F oven for 60-70 minutes. I served it with some broken whole wheat spaghetti that I added some finely diced(don’t have a grater) cheddar and about 1/8th a cup of parmesan(Yes, the green can stuff. It’s the end of the month, remember!) Using a little of the pasta water I saved before draining to smooth it out. Season with garlic powder and pepper.

It went over reasonably well considering we both don’t feel good. I know my child is really sick because he hasn’t eaten ALL DAY(anyone have a teenager who doesn’t eat?) and he only ate about half his dinner before going back up to bed.

  • Today I am grateful that there was something in my cupboards. There are many who don’t. Today I’m grateful to be inside, warm and dry as we’re getting sick. It’s raining lots tonight! I’m grateful I found a website that has a traffic camera aimed near the town I grew up in. And they got snow today!

Now I think I’m going back to bed and hope we feel better bu morning. Night all. LOVES



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