25 Nov

Today is a holiday for giving thanks. But I feel you should be thankful all year and not just on one special day. And what about those who are homeless, or alone, or feel that this day is an affront to their ancestors? Do they get to be less thankful? I’ve noticed lots of people are having “Friendsgiving” where they invite their friends and family that they’ve created, and not just born into, over for a day of eating and togetherness. I think it’s a great idea. And the best part, everyone usually brings a different pie! Where Christmas has cookies and eggnog, Thanksgiving has pie and whipped cream. Two of the most perfect friends that go great together.

Most of my favorite memories of this time of year involved pie. There was the time my mother and her sisters were fighting over the last piece of pie and they just grabbed a fork and ended up sharing it. Someone has a picture somewhere. Or the year my cousin almost let my husband wear a piece of pie because of something he said. He got to be on the losing football team instead. The very first thing my eldest son ate that wasn’t milk was whipped cream from a banana cream pie.(there might have been a banana in there too!) I remember the year my friend taught me to make a chocolate pecan pie so I would never have to buy one again. There was the pie my middle son learned to make with pudding and whipped cream when he was little. And my memories of youngest son, who I can always count on to save me the last piece of pumpkin pie. He doesn’t like it. I have no idea where THAT gene came from. I remember my mom making my dad a banana cream pie every year, even the year they decided they couldn’t live in the same house anymore.

Today I have more pie memories to file away. My grandson having a fit because he wasn’t ready to wake up from his nap yet. It was solved with a bite of grandma’s pie. My son’s father-in-law saying that pie calories don’t count and dinner isn’t done until there’s pie.

I know that pie will be prominent in lots of future memories too because it’s pie! Duh!

  • Today I’m grateful to spend it with my son and the family that he has created. I’m grateful to learn a new tradition for family gatherings. And I am SO grateful to have a whole pumpkin pie covered in whipped cream in the bottom of the fridge. And because it’s Thanksgiving and everyone is saying what they are thankful for, I’m thankful to GO to someone else’s house for dinner. Leftovers and NO DISHES! It can’t get any better than that.

Night all. LOVES


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