24 Nov

My son, Carson and I went to therapy today to talk about the scary stuff that happened earlier this week. It wasn’t very fun but we came up with a good safety plan if it happens again. Let’s knock on wood that it doesn’t.

After therapy, we ALWAYS go to Taco Bell.(Yeah me! My favorite! NOT!) I always use it as a learning experience for him. He gets to talk to strangers as he orders his food. He figures out if he has enough money in the budget and how much he should get back. He also gets to be the one to go back to the counter if anything is wrong or missing. It covers lots of skills that someone needs to know if they are going to navigate through life as a responsible adult. He usually does a really good job.

This week I’ve been given many chances to see how exemplary my son is becoming. He handled the crisis well. Today at dinner, I was able to see him through the eyes of someone besides his mother. You know that person is always tell kids to pick up their room, take a shower, don’t do that, do this, quit ignoring me, or would you please move faster. I was sitting at our table while he was at the counter waiting for our order when I noticed a group of boys across the room. It struck me that they appeared to be younger than my son and I had that moment of guilt that I don’t let him do many things without a responsible person there with him. Then these boys started to be loud and obnoxious, making a mess and slapping at each other. They got their food before us and had made a huge mess before they had even sat down. Then I got to watch MY son as he noticed them. He started to stand up straight and tall. He had a quiet calm about him. He said please and thank you to the other customers in the restaurant. There was definitely a difference in attitudes between the two. After we ate and were leaving the restaurant, I asked him what he was thinking when he saw those boys. He says, “They weren’t being very nice and kinda rude.” I told him how proud I was of him that he was a polite young man and that’s why I’m usually bugging him about how to act. Because I don’t want some other person to see him and think ‘what a little jerk that kid is being’. He looks at me and says, “Oh. Okay.” And that was that. But I know I have planted the seed in him. And I’ll continue to nourish that seed as he grows into that fine man I know he can be.

  • Today I’m grateful to my parents for teaching me manners so that I can teach my sons. I’m grateful my son has another adult/therapist to listen and guide him on his journey to adulthood. Grateful to see my eldest for 15 minutes as he passed through town on his way to somewhere else(in-laws for the holidays).

I hope as I keep doing this, I’ll get better. My grandmother was an amazing storyteller and I hope to follow in her footsteps. Night all. LOVES


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