Even when it seems dim, you can find a light.

23 Nov

Today has been an interesting day. I’ve spent most of it on the couch trying to feel better after a very eventful night. We were getting ready for bed just like always. As I walked into my 15-year-old son’s room, I knew something was off. I couldn’t see well through the bright lights(like camera flashes in my face). I sent him to get my glucometer. My blood sugar level was 43! You can go into a coma at around 35-40. He ran downstairs to get me some juice and found a neighbor to help. We called 911, who suggested another glass of juice after rechecking and it had only risen to 71. EMT’s showed up and did what they do. After some glucose gel(nasty stuff), waiting a bit and another recheck(it was up to 91), they decided I didn’t need a ride to the hospital. I could stay home if I ate and promised to monitor myself. Crisis averted.

I say this because after everything was said and done, my child didn’t panic(much), he did what needed to be done, and he made sure that he knew what to do if things got worse. I’m very proud of him.

We have been having discussions(don’t you know that’s what parents telling their children what to do is called these days) about being more responsible for his actions. He’s been struggling with that lately. Well he showed me last night that in a moment of chaos, he CAN be responsible when it needs to really count. I just have to learn to let him now. Because if I keep encouraging him, and praising him when he accomplishes something, I will have an amazing responsible adult on my hands. He’s already a pretty amazing young man. He is my light.

  • Today I’m grateful to have amazing children, who are caring, compassionate, responsible(getting better) human beings. I’m grateful that I was able to recognize a problem before it got too far gone to correct it. I’m grateful that I have friends and family who I KNOW will be there when I need them.

Night all. LOVES


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